Tips and strategies for workplace mental health

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ADP Canada released their latest Workplace Insights Survey results, which explores the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian workers and its disproportionate effect on remote workers specifically. Self-reported results from the survey demonstrate that 30% of working Canadians are paying a ‘COVID tax’, which is the additional hours Canadians are working since the pandemic. When looking at remote workers specifically, the survey found nearly half (44%) are logging more hours, which is more than double than findings revealed in April 2020 (21% reported working more hours), with one in ten reported working an additional day or more (8+ hours) per week.

We recently got the chance to chat with Ed Yeun, Vice-President of Strategy and Business Development at ADP Canada. Ed leads the strategic planning process, partnership and acquisition programs, and key strategic initiatives for Canada.

In this podcast, Ed shared some of the key findings from the Workplace Insights Survey by ADP, a few tips and strategies for workplace mental health during and after COVID-19 and how to cope with job stress and build resilience during the pandemic.