Transforming Marketing Through DEI: A Dialogue with Alison Simpson

In this episode of the CanadianSME Small Business Podcast, we are honored to welcome Alison Simpson, President and CEO of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), who brings a wealth of experience from her executive roles in marketing across major Canadian corporations. Alison dives into the critical findings of the 2023 DEI in the Marketing Profession report, discussing the challenges within the industry and offering actionable insights for SMEs to foster inclusive workplace cultures. Additionally, she outlines the benefits of implementing a DEI blueprint, the impactful initiatives led by CMA to advance DEI, the significance of the CM designation program, and addresses the perception gap surrounding marketing value in SMEs.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Alison shares the 2023 report’s findings on challenges faced by marginalized communities and how SMEs can utilize these insights to enhance workplace culture.
  • Discussion on the broader benefits of a DEI blueprint for businesses and steps SMEs can take to implement these strategies successfully.
  • Insights into CMA’s specific strategies for integrating DEI into marketing practices and the anticipated impact on the industry.
  • The role of the CM program in adapting to Canada’s evolving job landscape and its significance in elevating marketing within SMEs.
  • Examination of the existing perception gap regarding marketing’s value in SMEs and the importance of ongoing professional development.

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A heartfelt thank you to Alison Simpson for enriching our discussion with her profound insights into DEI initiatives and the evolving landscape of marketing in Canada. Her guidance and the initiatives led by the CMA serve as a beacon for SMEs looking to navigate the complexities of the contemporary business environment with inclusivity and strategic marketing acumen. We also extend our thanks to our partners, exclusive Banking partner RBC, exclusive shipping partner UPS, and exclusive accounting software partner Xero, exclusive E-mail partner Constant Contact for their support in bringing these enriching discussions to our audience.

Listeners, let Alison’s experiences inspire you to incorporate DEI into your business strategies and recognize the transformative power of professional marketing development. Stay tuned for more engaging episodes that delve into the heart of Canadian business innovation and success, log onto  now!