Small Business chat with The Honourable Rechie Valdez, Minister of Small Business

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In this special October edition of the Small Business Podcast, we dedicate our focus to Small Business Month in Canada, a period where we applaud the driving forces of our economy: the small businesses. These entities stand as pillars of our economic fabric and as the lifeline of our communities, fostering innovation, employment, and expansive growth. As we explore this realm, we are honored to have the company of The Honourable Rechie Valdez, the newly appointed Small Business Minister of Canada. Minister Valdez’s story is one of determination and inspiration, transitioning from her early days in Zambia to becoming the first Filipino-Canadian woman elected as an MP and then furthering her journey into the Cabinet. With her entrepreneurial spirit, media acumen, community advocacy, and extensive background in diverse sectors, Minister Valdez embodies a holistic approach to her new role. Throughout our discussion, we deep dive into her personal journey, the challenges and priorities in supporting small businesses post-pandemic, the exciting updates on Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA), strategies for business growth and innovation, her plans to address common challenges faced by SMBs, and her vision for collaborative approaches with other government entities.

Key Highlight Points:

  • Minister Valdez reflects on her personal and professional paths that have culminated in her becoming the Minister of Small Business.
  • Insights into how small businesses can be aided during these challenging times, informed by the Minister’s diverse experiences.
  • Minister Valdez elucidates on the recent updates regarding CEBA repayments and its implications for small business owners.
  • Exploring strategies and initiatives aimed at propelling SMBs towards greater heights.
  • A deep dive into the Minister’s approach to tackling issues related to capital, workforce, and technology for SMBs.
  • Understanding how Minister Valdez envisions working alongside other government departments for a holistic upliftment of small businesses.
  • Valuable advice from the Minister to budding entrepreneurs and SMB owners navigating the current business landscape.

Our enriching dialogue with Minister Valdez has been an enlightening experience, offering a plethora of insights for our entrepreneurial listeners. A heartfelt thank you to Minister Valdez and to our audience for their continued patronage. We also express our gratitude to our steadfast partners – RBC, UPS, and Xero. For those who share our passion for entrepreneurial stories and insights, please subscribe and stay tuned at Here’s to the indomitable spirit of Canadian entrepreneurship!