Travel Trends with SAP Concur’s Kristen Hrycoy

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In the latest episode of the Small Business Podcast, we dive deep into the world of business travel and its profound impact on professionals in the Canadian market. We are graced with the presence of Kristen Hrycoy, Senior Global Partner Business Manager at SAP Concur, who shares her insights. Drawing from her vast experience, Kristen touches upon the changing dynamics of travel, how businesses are optimizing their travel programs, and the resulting career growth opportunities for employees. A pivotal part of the discussion is the recent survey by SAP Concur, which highlights the nuances of declining business travel and its implications on Canadian business travellers’ careers.

Key Highlights:

Kristen Hrycoy from SAP Concur as the episode’s esteemed guest.

  • Exploration of the influence of business travel on Canadian professionals.
  • Adapting to the shifting landscape of the travel industry.
  • Strategies employed by businesses to refine travel programs.
  • Interconnection of business travel and career progression opportunities.
  • Detailed discussion on SAP Concur’s survey and its findings on the effects of reduced business travel.

This episode has been a treasure trove of insights into the realm of business travel in Canada. Our deepest appreciation to Kristen Hrycoy for illuminating this complex topic with her expertise. A special mention to our partners: RBC, for banking support; UPS, for managing logistics seamlessly; and Xero, for efficient financial management. For those keen on more such entrepreneurial stories and insights, remember to subscribe at Here’s to the vibrant spirit of Canadian entrepreneurship!