Trust in the Workplace Needs Serious Work

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Since the pandemic hit Canada nearly a year ago, Canadians’ willingness to trust large corporations, management, and boards of directors to do what is right for employees and society, in general, has declined. The 2021 Proof Strategies CanTrust Index, found that Canadian organizations are headed for an employee trust crisis. Employees gave employers a D grade for their ability to build trust, down from a C, back in January 2020.

Please join me in welcoming Vanessa Eaton Proof Strategies’ Executive Vice President. Vanessa is focused on collaborating with teams to shape the agency’s approaches and services to meet clients’ evolving needs. She uses study insights and knowledge along with her extensive communications experience to counsel clients on how to build trust internally and externally to foster stronger relationships that result in better business.

In this podcast, Vanessa discussed what are some of the initiatives that employers should be taking towards their employees to build trust, especially during a global pandemic?