UPScale Podcast Series Presenting Fusion Mineral Paint with Jennylyn Pringle

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Join us in celebrating Small Business Month this October with UPS, as we present the UPScale Podcast Series! Where we will be talking to small business owners about what it takes to have a successful and thriving company. We’ll also get into some of their secrets for managing UPS as partners along with all these other topics that are key when you’re running your own enterprise!

For our third episode, we got the chance to chat with Jennylyn Pringle, Founder of Fusion Mineral Paint. Fusion Mineral Paint is a collection of specialty, eco-friendly paints. Jennylyn’s philosophy here is that anyone can paint it beautiful, so she developed a product that made upcycling as easy as could be. Open the container of Fusion, and paint! No top coat required, seriously! Zero VOC, over 50 colors in the range, including metallics and a whole host of other decorative finishes.Throughout her career, she has grown more passionate about giving back to the design community by mentoring the next generation of industry leaders.

As one of the entrepreneurs who has successfully started a business and grown it to profitability, Jennylyn knows what it takes for an initial idea or concept in your mind not only become tangible but also something that can sustain itself over time. In this podcast she share s her journey as well as inspiration behind starting up while going through some challenges along the way-however these did not deter from how determined she actually is! And with partnerships like UPS helping out when needed most by providing high quality services at affordable prices.