UPScale Podcast Series presents Dalcini™ Stainless with Nita Tandon

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Join us in celebrating Small Business Month this October with UPS, as we present the UPScale Podcast Series! Where we will be talking to small business owners about what it takes to have a successful and thriving company. We’ll also get into some of their secrets for managing UPS as partners along with all these other topics that are key when you’re running your own enterprise!

For our first episode, we got the chance to chat with Nita Tandon, founder of DALCINI™ Stainless. DALCINI™ Stainless was launched in 2015 and are the award-winning maker of Safe, Simple and Sustainable housewares.

What started as a personal search for better food containers for her home became a mission to educate families on the threats of microplastics and hormone-disrupting chemicals on our bodies, the environment, and our communities. Out of this, Dalcini Stainless was born.

We’ll hear more from Nita herself as in this podcast, she shares her journey and inspiration to start her business while also sharing how she resolved the challenges she faced during her journey. Nita also explains the importance of partnering with brands like UPS to upscale and support your business and how UPS helped her in her entrepreneurial journey.