Why I.T. is more important than ever for small businesses

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With the pandemic still looming, small businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water. One theme that emerged as we observed this struggle is a lack of proper IT resources and while many admit they have faced at least one challenge since its onset 32% say it’s not really been on their priority list with regards to how much investment there has actually been in terms for improving technology across departments or sites.

We recently had a chat with the CDW team where Mike Grayston, Shoaib Naqvi and Dave Steinberg shed light on Why IT is more important than ever for small businesses. CDW’s robust team of small business experts helps you learn how to migrate, manage, and improve your overall IT infrastructure. CDW offers a lot of benefits to small businesses.

In this podcast, they discussed the factors that contribute to small businesses’ lack of IT resources, the role of technology in facilitating collaboration between teams, cybersecurity threats and protection and how does CDW helps organizations focus on their full business potential.