Zubair Choudhry – President of the Society of Professional Accountants of Canada has Big Plans for Small Business Accounting.

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The world of finance is one that’s often considered to be largely anonymous, but it shouldn’t have been like this. The financial industry has had more than its fair share in terms of scandals and problems thanks largely due to RPA who were able to provide assistance during times when few others could or would go.

We got the opportunity to speak to Mr. Zubair Choudhry, CMA (Australia), RPA, APA
Certified Accounting Practitioner. Zubair is a visionary, a thinker, an entrepreneur and a motivator. He has been involved in many national, international and professional organizations in Canada. In 2019, he was elected as President of The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada when he pledged that he is going to reform and improve the RPA designation, one of the oldest accounting designations in Canada that will give the choice and hope to future accountants in Canada and around the world to succeed and shine as a most respectable profession in the world.

In this podcast, he highlights the RPA designation to future accountants who are ready to assist the business leaders in making an important business decision with a cognitive approach and who are trained in applying new technologies using data analytics that will accelerate the business growth and profitability in post-covid-19 economic recovery. To learn more about The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada, please visit www.rpacanada.org