Digital Security: Keeping Your Information Safe & Secure

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The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the utility of digital technology among Canadian small businesses. Since the onset of the pandemic, business transactions have increasingly been conducted online, and along with this comes increased awareness and concerns about privacy, data protection and cyber security. 

We got the chance to chat with Young Lee, GoDaddy Canada’s Market and Growth Leader. Young Lee is a seasoned marketer with over 19 years of extensive marketing experience in the technology industry. With her personal entrepreneurial endeavours and growing up with a family that ran a small business for many years, Young has a passionate connection when seeing small business owners create and thrive doing what they love. Currently, at GoDaddy, she leads the Canadian business as Market Lead and also drives business growth, helping small businesses through GoDaddy products and tools across English markets in Canada, UK and Australia.

In this podcast, Young provided a thorough review of the digital security landscape; outlining key considerations for individuals and businesses alike to help keep their information secure.